Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sometimes when shooting you get lucky!

Every once in a while a thought crosses one's mind when you prepare to go out and shoot something. This time I knew I was going to shoot some July 4th fireworks.

Of course one asks, "what's so special about fireworks?" Well, nothing really. I suppose they are pretty when they go off. They make nice explosive sounds. They go boom! But that about covers it. So how can a guy like me make this more exhilarating? More interesting? More...

Understanding that the possibility exists that I might get real lucky due to the monsoon season being in full swing, I thought; "Wouldn't it be cool if I could do a little segment on Man vs. GOD?"

You know, man's little firecrackers vs. the lightning of GOD? Now that would be cool! So off I went with camera (HDV) and camera (Canon XTi) and family in tow. Zoom lenses ready. Tripods ready. Tape loaded. SD chip loaded. Focus all setup - fixed at that, shooting up to 10 miles away! Tricky for sure.

Well, this time I did get lucky, but only after being patient for about 2 hours. Patience is a virtue and the payoff is great! Enjoy.

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