Monday, October 5, 2009

And they're off!

Just have to post this.. after all, I need your vote. Actually, it's not so much me that needs your vote, but rather my clients. You see, our favorite powerhouse Google is now getting into the TV commercial syndication game. Imagine being able to bid for TV commercial time just as you bid for keywords, ad placement on the net and all those wonderful services offered by Google on Adsense. - Well, now that is becoming a possibility. Google decided to start this new service with a really cool contest. A video contest.. It is called TV FOR ALL CONTEST (clicking here will open a new window). Of course I used this opportunity on behalf of my clients to get them exposure and a chance to win. Not only could they win a whopping $25K of national TV advertising, but via the contest there will be lots of eyeballs on their stuff. It's a win/win. Of course this also helps me and my company a bit. It helps build credibility to my market place. Ok, this is purely shameless self promotion. Enjoy! So please vote when the time comes. Here is the schedule:

PUBLIC VOTING PERIOD Starts 12:00:01 am ET on October 16 Ends 11:59:59 pm October 27!
(“Video Selection Period”)
Starts 12:00:01 pm ET on October 6 Ends 11:59:59 pm ET on October 8
FINALIST/ALTERNATE NOTIFICATION & CLEARANCE Starts 12:00:01 am ET on October 9 Ends 11:59:59 pm October 15
PUBLIC VOTING PERIOD Starts 12:00:01 am ET on October 16 Ends 11:59:59 pm October 27

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