Thursday, June 2, 2011

Are we in a police state now? - Revisited - Photographer's Rights

Watching this video set quite simply proves that "We the People" are losing our rights more and more due to the lamest excuses. The primary excuse is always "Homeland Security", "9/11", "Terrorists", blah blah blah blah.. Just recently (a few days ago) our president renewed the "Patriot Act" without even thinking twice. Lame! First off, the act contradicts itself in name. What the hell does an act that takes away our freedoms, and we are talking simple stuff, but oooooh soooo important, have to do with being "Patriotic"? Perhaps they should call it the "Parrot Act" instead. As this act simply makes regurgitating false information feasible and lends itself to be the excuse for abuse.

But these cops decided to make stuff up as they go. And then blamed it on the "Patriot Act", 9/11, terrorism, and all the buzz words of the decade. Not being smart or even realizing how bad they are treading on breaking the law themselves, these cops are digging themselves deeper and deeper and truly deserve a reprimand!

We as photographers have rights. Rights that are part of the essence of what the US stands for. And these idiot ego-maniac wannabe cops simply don't get it.

So as a refresher - here is the photographer's rights blog thing I wrote a long time ago that will empower you as a photographer, cinematographer or anyone that likes to take pictures of, particularly public stuff. You know. The stuff our taxes, our tax dollars pay for.

Want to experience a real irony? Go visit the Liberty Bell. You will be patted down and have to walk through a metal detector. Now that's freedom! NOT!!! Alright, they have finally lightened up on security a bit, but it may still take 45 minutes to get through the line due to this "American Way of Protection".

Isn't it time "We the People" told our fearless (fearful) leaders to back off and stop all these ridiculous knee-jerk over-reactions? Just sayin'

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