Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our 2012 1st Qtr. Ad - Making People Read Lots of Boring Stuff - Rehab Specialists

Just watch and enjoy...

Video Text:
People search the web every day for stuff. 
During this process, they will most likely become victims of a crime.
A painful crime that we call; "we make you read lots of boring stuff". 
So don't be a co-conspirator by making them "read lots of boring stuff".
They may become vigilant and retaliate, by making make you sit and watch a clock!
Don't victimize your customers for one more minute. That would not be cool. 
Entertain them. Let them experience your new and improved multimedia self. 
Just like we did to you just now. 
We are.... the "we make you read lots of boring stuff" rehab specialists. 
Whether for the web or for television,
VaderVideo, the guys to call when you need that special and cool multimedia stuff. 

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