Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why Sony Vegas will most likely never be a Mainstream continued...

A revisit and pseudo update to an ongoing software failure...

So literally just two blog posts ago I started venting about this, well, let's call it a tragedy. The tragedy - Sony Vegas Pro V12 (and prior) and possible even their consumer versions. Why even call it a tragedy? Well, when something looks so damn good to work with (their interface is awesome), get promoted to be the simple do it all, mix and match, load all things multimedia and oh, "we are Sony and can do no wrong" , and not to mention 3D which I could give a crap about, fails as miserably as this product - one just needs to vent and define it as a tragedy. This is based on first hand experience now for several years while always hoping that someday this would finally function without random crashes and bugs appearing and popping in as if they were "Murphy's" cousins. I digress.

So Sony Creative releases an update in the last couple of days. Being hopeful as most would be, I installed it. I am talking about V12 64 bit... fuggetaboutit.

This piece of software simply can have all the so called patch or fix releases it wants, but all that is happening is a simple stretching of a proverbial band-aid. As they tug on the band-aid to strongly towards one side, it opens a new wound on the other side. Useless! I wonder why heavy products such as Adobe After Effects, along with all the plug-ins can work so nicely, rarely have issues and make use of a true 64 bit process and memory while this software just seems to puke at any chance it gets?

One has to ask, was this software a bad version of a 32 bit app that has been patched to death and now the company can't retreat as they have gone too far? Do their technical support peeps all look like Van Gogh as they don't seem to hear any of the problem and bug reports. What the hell are they doing? Are they simply building a database of issues and are overwhelmed? As it still is the case, their best solution seems to be, Uninstall - Reinstall. Like that would make a difference and not an option (again) since this upgrade was just freshly installed!

Sony! Listen up! You are starting to lose it big time! You bought this company several years ago. You didn't pay much attention to it as all you seemed to think was that since you make cameras and such, you also needed to have some editing stuff. You acquired, but you didn't fund. A few years ago you felt it was necessary to finally make the "Creative Software" division more prominent so you threw a ton of money at it. But did that money actually work for you? Based on what we see out here, a big NO! This just proves that even if you are a big company with a ton of cash, simply throwing money at something doesn't necessarily mean it will be put to proper use.

This somewhat reminds me of how cheesy your remote controls for the Blue-Ray/Internet Ready boxes are. But that is yet a whole other story altogether.

You make awesome cameras. You have some cool hardware - but when it comes to software, perhaps you should consider farming that portion out. That is all. Maybe not... seems I am not a lone ranger on a quest...

See what other interesting articles one finds by simply doing a Google search using the phrase "Sony Vegas is a piece of crap".

If only the crashes had some consistency - that would be actually nice. But this P.O.S. simply has no consistency.

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