Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aliens from Another Planet are Really Behind Adobe Creative Cloud

The Internets are Currently Adobe's Enemy

The failed marketing and advertising campaign from Adobe regarding the simple explanation of the Creative Cloud is causing more noise than ever. Hearsay seems to be the culprit in most cases. The problem with hearsay is that it is exactly that, and not factual in most cases.

It is what we used to call the "jungle telephone". If one person told another person a simple thing, and was asked to pass it on, and then the same process was repeated again and again, well, we all know how gossip gets its own growth path of information.

Adobe is Run by Aliens?

If this is the case, and things keep going this way for Adobe... I think we will see some major conspiracy theories coming out about how Adobe plans to conquer the planet using their own embedded nano-hacks all while you rent this stuff from them. Hey! It has to get paid for somehow. But in reality, Adobe is run by beings from another planet and this is their method of implementing capitalism at its finest, and legal of course, all with the intent of taking over our little brains and turning us into their minions. Or something like that. Perhaps Adobe or ADOBE is an acronym in disguise. Alien Domination Organizing Brain Energy. Maybe not.

In any case, the "jungle telephone" is working really hard on the Internets and really needs to be quashed. Enough already! The misinformation, the misnomers, the quick jump to conclusions and worst of all, the worst excuses I have ever heard of "why not to do something" need to really go away now.

Yes, Adobe is a big company. Yes, Adobe needs to appease their share holders. And yes, Adobe is run by aliens. - Ah, I mean, don't mind that guy behind the curtain...

Update (06/25/13)

For more insight regarding the installation of plug-ins to the new CC versions:
Visit this cool info over at ToolFarm. You'll see, it's a snap really.

Can't wait to hear the commentary. :)

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