Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tucson 2011 stock footage for charitable causes.

It all started a week ago today when I first was called to go out and start filming in regards to the Tucson tragedy. This was the Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords incident involving several victims as well as fatalities. A week later, our beloved Congresswoman seems to be do extremely well considering the circumstances.

It seems our town has a heart. People have set up vigils, they have rallied, they have marched and they all have one thing in common - peace. You see, Tucson was inadvertently put on the map through this incident. It has been the center of the news frenzy for a solid week now. I have heard throughout the week, particularly at the beginning that people literally stated; "It's embarrassing to say one is form Tucson anymore." - But things change.

Today I went to the Peace Walk for Gabrielle Giffords. It was a friendly atmosphere for sure. People came together for a cause. Perhaps simply to make a point. To simply let the world know that most Tucsonans are very friendly and loving people. Yes, we have the seasonal "snowbirds" from all over the country. Yes, this city is in deep debt. Yes, people are aware of many things, and probably more so than most areas due to the influx of "snowbirds". Simply put, we are a mecca. But not a "mecca of hate". Rather a mecca of the sun. A mecca of all walks of life that come to us from all over the world to enjoy the warmer winter season here. Perhaps because of this, this little city has more to offer in a variety of spirit than most.

So ends probably the most tragic week in Tucson's history. Lots of funerals, vigils, prayer sessions a visit from the President and of course the media. But perhaps it's a new beginning for people to start being people again. Everyone here it seems, only have one thing on their mind; that is for our Congresswoman to fully recover. And may she do so with all of our blessings and hopes.

I have filmed much footage throughout the week regarding this whole event. But for me it was more of a duty with a cause. Having been in the b-roll or stock footage industry for quite some time now, I came to this simple conclusion:

As this footage is basically a record of history, why not take this historical footage and make it work for the good? Hence, all footage regarding this week long series of events is available via Stock Video by vadervideo at Pond5: The World's Stock Footage Marketplace, my agency for worldwide distribution. My share of the proceeds will go to the various funds that have now been set up on behalf of the victims. So if you are doing a documentary, a news report or simply any production that needs such footage, please consider purchasing from this library as the money you will spend will go towards a good cause.  Oh, and please let me know when you do so. I will post your projects or links to such projects right here on my blog.

To view the entire library bin click here.

Bin preview - click on any clip to see the details:

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