Monday, March 14, 2011

Girl Walks Into a Bar - this is the future of the film world and it's exciting!

Today I checked out a tweet about a full length feature of a motion picture that was literally created not for the theater, not for Blue Ray and certainly not for rental houses. On the contrary, this film was by design created for the Internet. From what I read, one can watch it in chunks on YouTube as a playlist or as one continuous movie. I watched the whole thing and I must say, it is fantastic. It has a bit of a Pulp Fiction feel to it, but a bit lighter or friendlier in language. A very cool project for sure.Okay, simply put, I liked it. A fun story line, fantastic acting and great cinematography.

Now here is where things changed in regards to production, funding and sponsorship. First off, it cost around a mill to make, private investor(s)/producer(s) fronted that. Then sponsorship was sold to Lexus. Hence, they streamed it with 6 or so commercials throughout as one long motion picture:

And I highly recommend you watch it at full screen. So pop this out and enjoy!

But all that being said, is this the future? Is this a new way for the indie world to go and get their stuff out? I think so! Just sayin'.

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