Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some cute new tools on YouTube with one that is pretty slick actually - a quick review

So today as I was uploading some new video for one of my clients I noticed a new promo link bar above the "uploaded videos" page on YouTube. It says; "New! Animate your own story or create a video slide-show. Try it now." (opens a new window)

Yes the link is live and should take you there. It comes up with three apps (clicking on any one of these will open a new window and also requires you to have a YouTube account):

Stupeflix Video Maker

Xtranormal Movie Maker


I was particularly intrigued by the last one, GoAnimate. Not because it's another one of those "wizbang flasherized super duper gee look at this cool app thing", but rather because it might actually be a very useful tool for the some filmmakers. Particularly ones that can not draw. As in sketch. As in draw a figure of a person or persons for a specific purpose. Why would I even care if someone could draw or sketch or even conceive the like? Well. When one creates a movie, a short, a commercial or any other possible production that will end up on film, YouTube, the "big screen" or on television, it is advisable to create a STORY BOARD! This is where the sketch, drawing or stick figures come in. 

Of course, I can't draw. Even stick figures are challenging to me and basically look like that game, "Pick up Sticks" after I get done. But this app really gave me an idea. Why not use it to story board? So I tested it just for fun. Just to get a handle on how it works. Just to see what it could do. And it did. It did some pretty cool stuff, and all in a matter of minutes. It let me control the look, the characters, the script, and even finer control of what the character motion is supposed to be doing. More than good enough for a story board. But the cool thing is it let me create a video out of it all. Have a look at my silly experiment:  

Keep in mind - this was just an experiment. Don't throw stuff at me for doing this. That's not cool. So be cool and understand the reason for me even doing this little test. By the way, this snippet is from a new comedy series coming to your local TV soon. Okay - that's not true, but you gotta admit.. I had you for a moment.

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Unknown said...

Sweet I can't wait for the HOW TO; Codecs.

You are a genius V V!

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