Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sony Vegas Pro 11 has arrived!

Vegas Pro 11 from Sony Creative Software Inc. 

Yes sireeee! Sony Vegas Pro 11 has finally arrived and it's a doozy! I received the upgrade codes this morning and of course, as this is what I primarily use for editing, downloaded it immediately and installed it. Here are some findings: 

1. Wow - it installed without a hitch. Some may ask; "Is that unusual?" - well, yes and no. Sony Vegas does have a few requirements to install it cleanly. For example - you must disable any and all anti-virus software for the process. It really will resolve any installation issues. I disabled many processes just to be safe. Believe me, I am talking from experience here as I have been working with Vegas since version 7. It's easy to do to... just go to your task bar, right click and open the "Task Manager" - selectively kill processes that you know are loaders, background mechanisms for other software etc.. Also, and most importantly, disable your anti-virus software for the installation process. You can do this via the actual software itself, or simply use "Run" -> "cmd" -> "msconfig" and disable stuff for the next reboot. If you do that, don't forget to un-set these again and of course reboot. 

Read more about it here and here (10 tips for a faster computer)
for a few additional tips.

2. This upgrade came with some nice extras! Ever hear of Newblue's Titler Pro? A sweet titling "plug-in" for Sony Vegas 11.x - Check that out for sure. (Visit NewBlue for details about this product.) 

3. Of course we must not forget, Sony's DVD Architect either. A powerful DVD an Blu-ray authoring and creation tool. The thing that really kicks butt on this is it quite simply is from Sony. They are the standard! Hence I have been able to play any DVD created with this software on any DVD player. I have not had that kind of success with other products. Of course I stopped using other products years ago due to the issues, and now only use Sony DVD Architect. 

This may all sound like a sales pitch. All I know is that I use this stuff daily. I need this stuff. It is so far still the fastest tool to get productions out and on time. At least for me. Having seen the turmoil my friends and associates have gone through with some of the other products, I have stayed the course with Vegas. Perhaps it's because I know the software inside out. Perhaps it's because I use mainly Sony tape decks and cameras and know it will be 100% compatible. 

Or quite simply, perhaps it's because Sony has put more energy into the Vegas division for the last couple of years and hence,  started listening to us users. All I know is that the learning curve is fast for anything new that is introduced and quite simply that the logic for an NLE in this case makes far more sense than most NLE's. Of course that is my opinion only. 

There is of course so much more to explain - but I'll let the Sony website take care of that. :)

Vegas Pro 11 from Sony Creative Software Inc.

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